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Little Girls’ Bags

After making a cute elephant bag for my youngest daughter, I decided that these delightfully cute bags would make lovely gifts for other…

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Child’s Owl Tote Bag

This tote bag was made for my eldest daughter as a surprise, as both her and my youngest daughter had been squabbling over which…

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Christmas Gift Bags

I made a dozen beautiful string bags as a single order for a very Xmas mad lady, who intends to fill them with goodies and give as gifts…

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Leaf Print Bag

Another carry bag, this one featuring a leaf print with a wine coloured inner pocket and strap. Again, these carry bags can be designed…

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Polka Dot Carry Bag

A cream carry bag with a blue polka dot pattern and external pocket. Carry bags like this can be custom made with a wide range of…

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Reversible Bag

I absolutely love these reversible girls’ bags. Styled with two separate materials, these bags can be turned inside out to suit different…

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